Teambuilding activities

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Swiss Alps Games

Unbelievable, the Swiss Alps Games are there ready for you! A range of funny snow and other games make this fun competition an unforgettable expe­rience for your group. Compete in teams and choose from different activities.

Team Spirit Rally

A special rally, during which the teams will have to compete against each other to gain the title of « Best Team Spirit » ! What a great adventure!
It’s also an activity which allows the teams to discover the charms of the visited town.

Picture rally « Let’s be Creativ »

A picture rally is a unique team experience for the members of each team but also for the whole group, company or department as the created pictures will be shown and presented to everyone in a plenary session.

Recycling Art

An activity which is in relation with current subjects such as sustainable development and ecology. Do handi­crafts in a team with raw material which is composed of… all kind of recycled items.

Domino Games

A fantastic exercise for the cohesion of a group. The success in setting up dominos depends finally on planning, cooperation, communication, and patience. Every team member’s contribution is needed.

Around the World in 80 minutes!

In different countries (posts) of the world, the teams have to answer questions about art, culture, geography and history. In addition to the questions, the teams have to accomplish a specific team task in relation with the visited country.

Teambuilding avalanche rescue

The aim is to locate and dig out as many survivors as possible in the shortest possible time. The group will manage to do this only if they master their equipment quickly and use the available information to agree on a suitable search strategy.

Farmer Games

Which team will be awarded «Best Farmer Team»? However, before the award ceremony, teams will have to compete in disciplines such as: horseshoe pitchine, «cow» milking, farmer’s quiz, gum boot pitch, tractore tyre race, two handed sawing, etc.

Snowshoe trekking « Into the wild »

Plunge into the atmosphere of the wonderful landscape of the Alps by a snowshoe hike. Experience the winter with its different aspects. Participants are equipped with snowshoes and are briefed by specialists.

Sled run « Just do it ! »

A fantastic sled run of 6 km, full of joy and laughing. After the warm-up and the instructions in the technique of sledding, the teams start their way down with a guide.

Igloos building

Learn how to cut the blocks out of the snow and how to put them on top of each other in order to finish the igloo that looks also like one. Only teamwork will make it successful.

The Ice Bar

A bar – no – a spectacular event which will be an unforgettable souvenir for the participants.
In the middle of nowhere, the Alphorns start to play, the Saint Bernard dog, «The Mountain Bar», made of … ice and bales of straw come into sight and wait for you to be discovered.

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